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AOW (Advance Open Water)


In Open Water, you learned the basics of how to scuba dive. In Advanced, you are enhancing your skills, and learning how to think and act like a diver. It's the opportunity to gain more experience, continue your diving education and sample different scuba specialities under the supervision of an instructor.


The PADI Advanced Open Water Course consists of 5 different adventure dives. An ‘adventure dive’ is the first dive of a speciality course. With over 26 PADI speciality courses to choose from, the Advanced Course will introduce you to the many different types of diving you can experience.


If you enjoy the adventure dives, you can pursue them further through speciality training. For instance, to obtain a full Wreck Diver Speciality certification, it requires three more dives with the corresponding training. 


               * Manual

               * Confined Water Skills

               * Two Core Dives, under water navigation, plus three elective dives

               * PADI Certification Card

AOW $ 489 usd


Us Number (702) 781-8008

Cancún Number 044 998 221 90 25

8:30 am to 5:00pm

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