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The human impact on natural reefs combined with natural forces such as Hurricane Wilma, made the future of marine life in Cancun and Isla Mujeres was threatened until, in 2009, the underwater museum of contemporary art largest its kind was created in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean. This project, founded by Dr. Jaime Gonzalez Cano, Director of West Coast National Park Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun, Punta Nizuc; the then President of Associated Marine Cancun, Master Roberto Diaz Abraham, and British artist Jason Taylor deCaires, has more than 500 sculptures permanently submerged, which makes the submarine museum World's Sexiest art. This museum seeks to demonstrate coexistence between art and environmental sciences, as with the passage of time, marine life finds shelter in these parts. The generation of this life, makes the museum pieces in a set of artificial reefs. The sculptures are fixed to the seabed and are made of a special marine concrete that facilitates the creation of corals on its surface. The total collection occupies an area of ​​over 420 square meters and weighs more than 200 tons.


Musa Dive $ 129 usd


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Cancún Number 044 998 221 90 25

8:30 am to 5:00pm

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