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* Only certified divers 

* People with hypertension, asthma, heart or respiratory tract (ears, nose, lungs) problems cannot dive unless they bring medical authorization. 

Dive information:

* Depth: 28 to 32 feet deep 

* Current mild to strong 

Bull Shark


We will be diving with the bull sharks at 80 ft. This is a static dive where you will have to stay in your assigned place.  So if you're up for this high-octane adventure, check it out and join us on this trip of a lifetime!

Bull sharks are very large sharks, they are not shy and do make passes close by the divers. This is a normal behaviour for them, but if you´re ready for it, it will be an adrenaline rush.

We use fish as bait to bring the sharks closer, the perfect moment to get a close look of this magnificent force of nature.




Includes : 

                   *  1 Tank  7:00 am to 14:00 pm 

                   *  Personal instructor (max 4 divers per instructor)

                   *  All diving equipment included

                   *  Round transportation included

                   *  Lunch​



Bull Shark $ 289 usd


Us Number (702) 781-8008

Cancún Number 044 998 221 90 25

8:30 am to 5:00pm

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