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 Cenote Advance

                                                           To dive in this cenote you need the Advance Open Water Card 

Cenotes (pronounced sen-o-tays) are ancient sinkholes that exist throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. For many years, these caverns have been a major scuba diving attraction in Mexico.

Because of a recent split in the definition of cave diving, cenotes are now accessible to a wide range of divers. As long as you maintain a minimum of natural light, cenote diving is defined as cavern diving, and anyone holding a basic scuba certification can head into this subterranean environment.

 Come and join us, take a giant leap into the sinkhole where a crystal-clear world unfolds before your eyes. Once inside, you’ll follow a guideline and the light of your dive leader into the many halls and tunnels of the cavern. Incredible secrets are waiting for you in the depths.

Do keep in mind that cenote diving is not for everyone. If you have just completed your Open Water training, are afraid of the dark or tend to get claustrophobic, we don’t recommend that you try this type of diving.

Includes : 

                   *  2 Tanks  6:30 am to 14:00 pm 

                   *  Personal instructor (max 4 divers per instructor)

                   * All diving equipment included, dive light and wetsuit.

                   * Roundtrip transportation 

                   * Snacks and waters during trip 

                   * Lunch on the way back 



                    * Certified divers only from any official certifying agency (minimum 6 previous dives)

                    * People with hypertension, asthma, heart or respiratory tract (ears, nose, lungs) problems cannot dive                             unless they bring medical authorization. 

Dive information:

                    * Depth: 30 to 40 feet depending on the cenote 

                    * Current soft


$389 USD


Advance Cenote

  • Total refund up to 24 hours earlier from the tour, there will be no refund if it´s done the same day.

    Rates are shown in USD

    Paypal fees may apply 

Contact Us:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Cancun number: 044 998  221 90 25

Monday - Sunday: 8:30am - 5pm   / 

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